Mother and daughter arrested for planning terrorist attack

Investigators confirmed that the girl planned to attack Israeli civilians.

Handcuffs [Illustrative] (photo credit: INIMAGE)
Handcuffs [Illustrative]
(photo credit: INIMAGE)
Police arrested a 16-year-old Palestinian and her 48-year-old mother, who are suspected of planning to carry out a terrorist attack, incitement and illegal possession of a weapon.
In a statement released on Tuesday, police said officers arrested the two West Bank residents last week.
“Following a phone call to a police station in which the daughter said that she is planning to carry out an attack, an investigation was launched, in which police used advanced technological tools that helped to track down the teen,” the statement said. “Police then planned an arrest operation, and along with Border Police forces, arrived to her home, arrested her and brought her in for questioning.”
During questioning, investigators confirmed that the girl planned to attack Israeli civilians. Police said the mother was involved in incitement, mainly in social networks. It said that it found an online video showing the mother shooting an automatic rifle, and expressing her hate.
The remand of the two was extended by six days.
Police stressed that they continue working overtly and covertly to thwart attacks by both individuals and organizations.
“At the same time, police are acting against calls for violence and terrorism, which is done throughout the Internet while using social networks platforms, and might lead others to act the same way and harm innocent people,” the statement said.