Naftali Bennett: Israeli security forces will hunt down every terrorist

The new defense minister also said that the terrorists are doing as much harm to Gazan civilians as they are to Israelis.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett addresses the recent rocket attacks to hit Israel, November 13, 2019
New Defense Minister Naftali Bennett released a video message in English on Wednesday afternoon, condemning Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists who have fired over 250 rockets into Israel from Gaza over the past 24 hours.
Bennett accused the Islamic Jihad of doing as much harm to Gazan civilians as they are to Israelis, saying: "These terrorists are not only out to kill Israelis. In fact, they're killing their own people in Gaza."
"At the cost of every rocket they shoot, they could have built another Gazan classroom," the defense minister said.
The most recent escalation in tensions has come since Israeli forces assassinated PIJ leader Bahaa Abu al-Ataa on Tuesday morning with a missile.
Bennett then let out a warning to terrorists, informing them that, "Israeli security forces will hunt down every terrorist, until our children are secure and safe."
"The world must stand together and unite against radical Islamic terror," he said in a message to other nations. "Otherwise, the world will feel its wrath.”