Netanyahu slams Palestinian Authority for failing to condemn terror attacks

After two terror attacks on Monday, prime minister says whole world should be disturbed by PA's refusal to condemn the acts.

Netanyahu slams PA for not condemning terror
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday for failing to condemn two terror attacks carried out against Israelis in the West Bank and Jerusalem on Monday.
Speaking ahead of a meeting with visiting Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentilloni, Netanyahu sent his condolences to an Israeli citizen who was seriously wounded in a shooting attack near the Shvut Rachel settlement in the West Bank and to an IDF soldier seriously wounded in a knife attack near Rachel's Tomb.
"The attempts to harm us have not stopped for a moment," Netanyahu said. "The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the IDF have thwarted dozens of terror attacks since the start of this year and more than 200 since the start of 2014."
Netanyahu vowed that Israel would continue to fight back forcefully against terror and bring those responsible for it to justice.
He took the PA to task for keeping quiet in the face of the recent attacks. "The fact that the Palestinian Authority has still not condemned these terror attacks should disturb not only us, but the entire international community," he said.
The PA's hands will not be clean of such terror attacks until they unequivocally come out against them, Netanyahu added.
The prime minister said that Israel's "continued quest for a durable, genuine peace with our Palestinian neighbor...cannot exist with the support for terrorist attacks, or the refusal to condemn the terrorist attacks that plague Israel day in and day out."
He went further, charging that the PA's incitement encourages the attacks.
"We expect different behavior from our Palestinian neighbors and this is something that is in the interest of all those who seek peace," Netanyahu said.