New footage: IDF eliminates terror cell planting explosives on Syrian border

"The explosives belonged to Hezbollah and were set to be detonated remotely. Iran stood behind the operation," IDF source says.

IAF eliminates terror cell attempting to plant explosives near Syrian border, April 26, 2015 ‏
The IDF released a video on Sunday showing the Israel Air Force firing missiles and killing four terrorists who crossed into Israel from Syria and planted explosives in April near the border at an abandoned IDF post.  
Combat Intelligence Collection units identified the suspects planting the explosives on the eastern side of the border fence in the Golan Heights near Majdal Shams within Israeli territory.
The suspects were placed under a top priority observation for several minutes before action was taken.
The IDF confirmed that the terrorists were in fact planting bombs before ordering an air strike, the source said. “We could see them planting the explosives clearly.”
"At one point the cell leaves behind a lookout and breaks up into three different groups around 15-20 meters from the road," a senior source in the IDF's Division 210 said on Sunday. 
In the footage that the IDF released, a missile can be seen striking the cell with a surviving terrorist crawling away and then a second missile is seen landing on the survivor and killing him as well. 
"The explosives belonged to Hezbollah and were set to  be detonated remotely. Iran stood behind the operation," the source said on Sunday.
He said that all of the attacks of the last two years on the northern border have been directed by Iran. 
The source also said that the cell was directed by Samir Kuntar, a Lebanese-Druse who was rumored to be killed in an Israeli air strike last month.
Kuntar, a terrorist murderer released in a prisoner exchange in 2008, was reportedly killed by what is believed to have been an Israeli drone strike in the Syrian Golan Heights town of Hader after he recruited some 120 Syrian Druse to fight on behalf of President Bashar Assad or Hezbollah, an Arab newspaper reported.
The IDF source said that in the future there would be attempts in Syria to incite rebel forces and carry out attacks in Israel.
"We haven't seen it yet but we assume that there will be such operations," the source explained.