Police arrest Arab man found with arsenal of stun grenades at Shuafat checkpoint

While the suspect was questioned, Rosenfeld said the grenades were seized and safely neutralized by sappers.

Stun grenades seized by Border Police Sunday morning (photo credit: DANIEL K. EISENBUD)
Stun grenades seized by Border Police Sunday morning
(photo credit: DANIEL K. EISENBUD)
A routine checkpoint inspection of a vehicle entering the Shuafat refugee camp Sunday morning resulted in the arrest of an Arab man after Border Police, aided by a specially trained dog, found a hidden arsenal of stun grenades.
According to police, the 31-year-old east Jerusalem resident’s behavior immediately aroused suspicion when he pulled up to the checkpoint at roughly 10:30 a.m., leading to his car being pulled aside for a search, which revealed a stun grenade in the trunk.
Suspecting that there were more in the car, police called in the dog to aid in the search.
“The sniffing dog helped the officers find six more stun grenades hidden in the rear of the vehicle,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.
The grenades were seized and neutralized by sappers.
The suspect was questioned and placed under arrest. Several hours later he was arraigned at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, where a judge ordered him remanded to custody.
Rosenfeld said police were investigating if the man was part of a larger weapons smuggling operation in the refugee camp.
Shuafat has been a flash point for rioting and weapons smuggling since the abduction and murder of resident Muhhamad Abu Khdeir, 16, last summer by Jews.
Sharon Mothida, the company commander of the officers stationed at the checkpoint, praised the security team’s alertness and teamwork.
“We will continue the important activities that ensure the safety of the residents of Jerusalem,” Mothida said.