Report: Hezbollah claims it uncovered an Israeli spying device in southern Lebanon

The Shi'ite terror organization made a similar accusation last month, claiming that the "Israeli enemy" is trying to spy on the group and is stashing such devices near populated areas.

The alleged spying device Hezbollah claimed it seized on September 9.  (photo credit: SCREENSHOT/ AL MANAR)
The alleged spying device Hezbollah claimed it seized on September 9.
(photo credit: SCREENSHOT/ AL MANAR)
Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based Shi'ite terror organization, claimed on Saturday night that it had spotted an Israeli device used for espionage in southern Lebanon.
The organization released an announcement on the Al-Manar television channel that is strongly affiliated with the terror group, stating that "resistance fighters seized an Israeli spying contraption, with a thermal camera for night vision, which was hidden in a rock in Kfar Shebba, east of Shebba Farms in south Lebanon."
The report also made note of the ongoing military drill the IDF is currently holding along the border with Lebanon to prepare for a possible future conflict with Hezbollah. "The uncovering of the Israeli spying contraption comes amid the big drill the enemy is holding in the north of occupied Palestine," the Al-Manar report said.
This new claim by Hezbollah comes a month after the organization charged on August 13 that it had spotted a different Israeli spying contraption on Mount Jabal el-Barouk, which is situated in the western valley not far from Lake Qaraoun.
In the message released by Hezbollah at the time, the terror organization charged that "an eavesdropping device of the Israeli enemy was uncovered in one of the high strategic hills on Mount el-Barouk in the western valley, facing... Lake Qaraoun."
The organization also claimed that "the device was blown up from afar a while ago, for fear it would be discovered, and its parts have scattered all over, including a special electric cable, batteries, and solar energy contraptions that were used to operate the device."
The report also alleged that "the device was hidden in a fiberglass, rock-like material, and was plastered onto one of the big rocks in front of western valley villages, including the international route that leads to the eastern Lebanon Mountains."
Israel usually declines to comment on foreign reports, but security officials as well as IDF commanders have warned this week as the large military drill in the north commenced that Hezbollah is likely to spread any number of false accusations and threats, flexing its muscles as Israel proceeds to carry out the exercise.
Hezbollah official says Israel is closer than ever to its demise (credit: MEMRI)
The military drill simulates a scenario of war with Hezbollah along Israel's northern border, and soldiers from all units of the army are joining forces to test their preparedness in case a conflict will erupt.
On Monday, Al-Manar quoted a Hezbollah official who threatened Israel shortly after the drill started, saying that "We [Hezbollah] are fully alert and ready at any time for any possible scenario. The Israelis won't succeed in surprising us, because Israel knows full well [what] Hezbollah’s capabilities are after the loss it suffered in 2006 [in the Second Lebanon War], which deterred the IDF.”
The unnamed official taunted the Jewish state, saying that Hezbollah was ready "for any attack or act of Israeli stupidity."