Gun battle erupts during IDF operation to demolish terrorist's home

Hadar Cohen, a 19-year-old Border Police officer was killed in a shooting and stabbing attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City.

House demolition of Palestinian who aided terrorists in February attack
Security forces traded fire with Palestinian gunmen in the town of Kabatiya overnight between Sunday and Monday during an operation to demolish the home of a terrorist.
Three Palestinian gun attackers were hit by IDF return fire. During the clash, rioters also hurled explosive devices, the IDF said.
The IDF and Border Police demolished the home of a terrorist who assisted in a deadly gun attack in Jerusalem that claimed the life of Border Policewoman Hadar Cohen.
Security forces, working with the IDF Civil Administration, moved into the Palestinian town of Kabatiya, south of Jenin, and demolished the home of Bilal Abu Zid.
The move came "after the assistance the terrorist provided in the carrying out of the terror attack at Nablus Gate on Feburary 3, 2016," the IDF said in a statement.
Kabatiya has been the source of several previous terror attacks, and the town had been placed under an IDF partial closure in February earlier this year, following the deadly attack in Jerusalem.
On February 3, Border Policewoman Hadar Cohen, 19, was killed in a shooting and stabbing attack by three terrorists from Kabatiya, all of whom were killed by security forces in the attack.