Shin Bet: 228 terror attacks since October; nearly half of assailants 20 and under

Israel Security Agency says that the majority of the attacks in the current terror wave took place in the West Bank.

Footage of the teen terrorists behind the Pisgat Ze'ev terror attack in Jerusalem on October 12, 2015 (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
Footage of the teen terrorists behind the Pisgat Ze'ev terror attack in Jerusalem on October 12, 2015
(photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) on Monday released statistics on the more than four-month long wave of terrorism that has been plaguing Israel.
According to the report covering the period from the beginning of October until last week, there have been 228 terrorist attacks or attempted attacks. Thirty- seven percent of the terrorists ranged from 16 to 20 years old. A further 10% of those carrying out the attacks were minors, meaning that nearly half of the attackers were younger than 21 years old.
A third of the assailants were 21 to 25, and an additional 10% were 30 and older. The statistics further show that 24 women took part in attempted attacks, some 11% of all assailants.
The statistics show that the majority of the attacks and attempted attacks (74%) took place in the West Bank, whereas 10% of attacks, or 22 incidents, took place within the Green Line. In addition, 16% of the attacks have taken place in Jerusalem.
The statistics include all terrorist attacks carried out since October 1, when Na’ama and Eitam Henkin were murdered near the Itamar settlement, up until last Wednesday. Five attacks and attempted attacks have been carried out since then.
The Shin Bet also provided details on where the terrorists hailed from. The majority of assailants, approximately 80%, were Palestinian residents of the West Bank. Among them, Hebron stands out as the main city from which terrorists come. According to the Shin Bet, 40% of the West Bank assailants were from Hebron and Yatir. Another area that provided a relatively large number of attackers is Ramallah, with some 25% of attackers hailing from the city and surrounding Binyamin region.
According to the statistics, 21 of the attackers were illegally staying in Israel at the time they carried out attacks.
Two people with legal permits to be in the country carried out attacks in Israel: the assailant who carried out the attack that killed two people at the Panorama building in Tel Aviv in November; and another assailant who carried out an attack in Modi’in.
A Palestinian with a work permit also carried out a stabbing attack in the Ariel industrial area where he was employed.