State indicts potential Jerusalem light rail stabber for attempted murder

State prosecution requests to keep Yusef Rajbi in police custody until end of trial against him.

Jerusalem light rail (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)
Jerusalem light rail
The Jerusalem District Court charged Yusef Rajbi for attempted murder on Sunday for a stabbing near the Jerusalem Bus Station on November 24.
Rajbi, 18 of east Jerusalem, was also charged with illegal possession of a knife.
The indictment said Rajbi had been posting support on social media for violence against Jews and IDF security forces for months.
Rajbi had worked at the Angels bakery in Givat Shaul, but decided to stab IDF soldiers or any Jews holding weapons.
Taking an extra long 27 centimeter kitchen knife from his house to cause greater physical harm more swiftly, he made his way to the light rail station across from the central bus station.
First, he carefully avoided walkways where there were security checks then hitched a ride in a car with bakery co-workers.
Near the central bus station, he suddenly asked to get out of the car to take care of a few things at the station.
Rajbi then purchased a ticket for a trip on the light rail with his light-rail metro card so that he would appear to fit in, though he intended to attack bystanders without actually getting on to the train.
A light rail station security guard approached him and asked him to open his jacket, under which the knife was hidden.
Finding the concealed knife, the security guard and an additional IDF soldier arrested Rajbi, preventing the attack.