Teen terror victim gets new bike to celebrate release from hospital

Naor, 13, was stabbed almost a dozen times last month while riding his bike in Jerusalem.

Bicycle parking stands in Jerusalem (photo credit: JERUSALEM MUNICIPALITY)
Bicycle parking stands in Jerusalem
Police on Sunday presented a new bicycle to the teen who was stabbed in a terror attack  while riding his bike  in Jerusalem.
Naor, 13, was in critical condition following the October 12 terror attack, in which he was stabbed nearly a dozen times by Palestinian teens while out riding his bicycle in the city's Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood.
At a special ceremony on Sunday evening, arranged by the neighborhood council, local police officers Aryeh Benyunus and Udi Rambah presented the teen with a new bicycle.
Wishing him a full recovery, the Hadashot Hapisga Facebook page proclaimed that "Naor is back in action!"

נאור חוזר לשגרה!!!הנער בן ה-13 שנפצע אנוש בפיגוע הדקירה בפסגת זאב, קיבל הערב אופניים חדשים משוטרי תחנת שפט בטקס מרגש במ...

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CCTV footage released by the Israel Police shows Ahmed Manasra, 13, and Hassan Manasra, his 15-year-old cousin, running with their knives still drawn toward a candy store that Naor exits to get on his bicycle.
Seconds later, Ahmed and his accomplice are seen stabbing him in the neck, critically wounding him.
After falling to the ground, Naor was kicked by one of his assailants, before the Palestinian teens flee the scene when a male store patron gives chase.
Ahmed was run over by a vehicle minutes later, while his cousin, who attempted to stab a police officer, was shot and killed.
Within minutes, Ahmed Manasra was rushed to Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem, where he made a full recovery.
However, during a speech on Palestinian television, PA president Mahmoud Abbas claimed Manasra was “executed in cold blood” by “Jewish settlers.”