Border Police foil Palestinian knife attack at Tapuach Junction in West Bank

The suspected allegedly pulled a knife from his trousers and attempted to stab a Border Police Officer before security personnel were able to apprehend him.

Suspected terrorist apprehended after attempted stabbing attack
A Palestinian man attempted to stab Border Police officers during an inspection at the Tapuach Junction in the West Bank on Wednesday.
The man, in his 20s from the nearby city of Nablus, arrived at the intersection by foot, holding a bag. The police officers thought he looked suspicious and called him aside.
When he ignored the officers, they stopped him for an in-depth search.
During the inspection the man took out a dagger from his pants pocket and attempted to stab the officers. One of the Border policemen immediately cocked his weapon.
The Palestinian man then dropped the dagger and attempted to flee. The police ran after him, and caught and arrested him.
During the interrogation that followed, the Arab man admitted that he planned to use the dagger to carry out a terrorist attack.
Border Police commander, Superintendent Roe Amos, commended his officer’s quick actions which helped save innocent lives.
“They were prepared and alert and that is precisely why the event ended the way it did.”
“We’re talking about an incident that occurred within a matter of seconds. So operational readiness and vigilance is the best response,” Amos said.
The Tapuach junction has been the site of a number of attacks. Last week a Palestinian terrorist shot at two Israeli nurses who live in settlements nearby to the junction and were on their way to a morning hospital shift. Neither was wounded in the attack.