Terror victim’s wife: “You were my first and last love”

After hearing of Ziv's death, his mother asked that he be buried in the Moshav where the family lives. “I have arranged a good place for you,” she said.

West Bank shooting victims Kim Yehezkel (29), Ziv Hajbi (35) (photo credit: FACEBOOK SCREENSHOT)
West Bank shooting victims Kim Yehezkel (29), Ziv Hajbi (35)
On his way back to Israel, Or said, he dreamed of his brother and had no interest in waking. “It felt so real, but when I woke up I realized you were no longer with us.”
Typically, he said, each time he returned to Israel, Ziv would meet him at the airport with the children.
This time, “when we landed, you were not there with the children. This is the first time that no one was waiting for me when I landed,” Or said.
Israeli army searches West Bank village for assailant who killed two Israelis, August 10, 2018 (Reuters)
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His mother Iris recalled how last Saturday morning she felt unwell and as a result, had broken from her routine of hosting family members. But Ziv called his father and insisted that he and his children had to come to see them. During the visit she pressed him to return to live in the moshav, where he had grown up. She recalled that he agreed but said that he had to consult with Natalie.
After hearing of his death, she asked that he be buried in the Moshav. “I have arranged a good place for you,” she said.
“Your father is standing with me, but he has no power to speak. We do not know how to deal with this,” she said.
Meir Sabag, of the Alon Group, spoke of how Ziv had excelled at his work. “You did everything with a smile, just like Kim who we buried yesterday. Your smileys would start everyone’s day off in the best way possible.
“You were so proud of your family. Just recently you told me of your son’s success in chess,” he said.
Rafi Alon, one of the company’s owners, said “on my way here, I was certain that you would be here to show me around. But it was just a dream. I looked to my right and left and you were not here.”
Alon said that he had imagined a bright future for Ziv in his company, as well as for the second victim Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel. “We are one big family. It hurts us. It will be hard to go on without them.”
“How can it be, when we employee 200 Palestinians, and I believe that they all love the company” that there is a 23 year old, who because of a fight with his family, destroys these two precious people, Alon said.
Late Sunday night at the Rosh Ha’ayin cemetery, Kim’s family and friends gathered around her shroud-covered body, kissing and touching her.
Kim’s father Raphael had raced to the Barkan Industrial Park after hearing of the attack, and according to Channel 2, had called Kim’s husband Guy, to tell him that he had seen Kim’s body on the office floor and that she had died.
At her funeral, Raphael apologized to his daughter for not arriving in time to save her and promised to look out for her husband and her son Kai, who is only a year and five months old.
“I want to tell you that I am sorry that I was not at your side. I have been at your side for your entire life,” the grey-haired man said. He wore a torn blue T-shirt and spoke into a hand-held microphone as he stood next to where his daughter’s shroud-covered body lay.
“To my sorrow,” Raphael continued, “I did not arrive in time. When I did arrive, I saw what they had done to you. I promise you, I promise you that Guy and Kai will get everything they need and even more than that. I promise that I will take care of them. You can rest in peace,” Raphael said.
Guy sobbed and said, “I will never forget you. I love you. You will always be my best friend.”
He promised to raise their son exactly as she would have done.
Kim’s cousin Sapir said, “I always promised that I would watch out for you, but this morning I wasn’t able to do so. Your rolling laughter has gone away. I always wanted to be like you and learn from you. Now all that is left is my many memories of you. I will love your forever. Goodbye. You were the prettiest girl in the nursery.”
At the grave side, Kim’s mother Chava wailed in the dark as she watched mourners shovel dirt onto her daughter’s body, after it was placed in the grave. The area by the grave was lit by a strobe light.
“Is it logical that this is now your place?” Chava asked.
With each scrape of the shovel and thud of dirt, Chava called out to Kim, as if she could raise her from the dead with her love and sorrow.
“I refuse to accept that you are here,” Chava said. She continued speaking to her daughter, as mourners lay wreaths on her grave.
“Look how they have decked you out with flowers,” Chava said, before planting a final kiss on her daughter’s grave.