Terrorist shot in east Jerusalem neighborhood for firing at nearby Jewish homes

Palestinian suspect in serious condition after being shot by undercover Border Police officers.

Light rail in Pisgat Ze'ev 521 (photo credit: Wikipedia)
Light rail in Pisgat Ze'ev 521
(photo credit: Wikipedia)
A 20-year-old Arab resident of a refugee camp adjacent to Jerusalem’s northeastern Shuafat neighborhood, who repeatedly fired gun shots at Jewish homes in neighboring Pisgat Ze’ev Friday and Saturday afternoon, is in serious condition after being shot by police.
According to police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, the unidentified suspect first fired multiple rounds at several Jewish residences Friday afternoon, leaving bullet holes in many of them, although none of the occupants were injured.
Following an intensive overnight undercover investigation into the shootings, Rosenfeld said Border Police officers came across the suspect in Shuafat Saturday afternoon, once again shooting at Jewish homes in Pisgat Ze’ev.
“Undercover officers in the area saw him fire more shots in the direction of the neighborhood and shot him immediately to prevent him from causing any more damage,” said Rosenfeld, who deemed the suspect a terrorist.
“He was in serious condition after being shot, and transferred by ambulance to Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem where he’s now receiving medical treatment,” he said.
In the past six weeks, police have arrested over 550 Arabs in neighborhoods including Shuafat, Isawiya, French Hill, Abu Tor, E-Tur and Sur Bahir for rioting since ongoing violence was sparked last month following the murder of teenager Muhammad Abu Khdeir.
Most of the attacks, which intensified during Operation Protective Edge, have been carried out by masked Arabs throwing Molotov cocktails, powerful firecrackers and rocks. At the height of the rioting last month, two light rail stops were destroyed in Beit Hanina and Shuafat, resulting in suspended service and necessitating millions of shekels in repairs.
On August 12, following weeks of steady rioting in the Arab neighborhoods, police arrested 57 Palestinians suspected of carrying out attacks against Jewish residents living in integrated communities.
Of the hundreds of Arabs arrested since early July, police said 383 were adults and 166 were minors. More than 185 indictments have been issued.
According to a report released this month by police and the Construction and Housing Ministry, more than 360 assaults against Jews in east Jerusalem were reported in July alone – double the number from that period last year.