Third Hamas attack tunnel in recent days collapses in Gaza

In earlier collapse, Hamas confirms death of at least two operatives on Wednesday morning.

Hamas shows new tunnels built in Gaza (photo credit: ARAB MEDIA)
Hamas shows new tunnels built in Gaza
(photo credit: ARAB MEDIA)
A Hamas attack tunnel collapsed in the Gaza Strip in the Zeitoun area on Wednesday evening, one day after another tunnel collapsed in the coastal area.
Hamas blocked off the area around the tunnel and was making sure that radio stations were not reporting details of the incident.  
On Wednesday morning, Hamas officials confirmed the death of at least two of its operatives in a separate tunnel collapse.
Eight others were reported missing after the underground passageway caved in, according to Hamas military wing, the Izzadin al-Kassam Brigades.
The incident on Wednesday evening was the third time in recent weeks that an underground passageway collapsed. 
Last week, seven Hamas men were killed when a tunnel collapsed close to Gaza's eastern border with Israel.
Hamas said the collapse occurred as a result of heavy rain and it took two days to find the bodies and announce the deaths. Mosques across the Palestinian enclave mourned those killed, calling them “Martyrs of the Preparation,” a reference to their work digging tunnels used to attack Israel.
Hamas shows off underground Gaza tunnels in video
Along with Hamas' announcement on Wednesday morning, the group released a promotional video depicting the underground realm of its tunnel operations along with other apparent militant training.