Trump: I’m working hard to finally achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace

In an interview before his arrival, the US president preferred not to address most core issues.

Abbas, Trump, Netanyahu (photo credit: REUTERS)
Abbas, Trump, Netanyahu
(photo credit: REUTERS)
US president Donald Trump says that it is still premature to talk about moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and about construction restrictions in the West Bank.
“There are many interesting things that we are still working on [regarding moving the embassy to Jerusalem],” said Trump in an interview to Israel Hayom that was conducted last Thursday and published on Sunday. “We will talk about all of it in the future.”
Regarding Israeli concerns about possible construction restrictions beyond the Green Line that might be imposed as part of future negotiations, said Trump: “I do not want to comment, beside the fact that I really believe that we can achieve a deal here.”
Trump also stated that he believes that officials he appointed on this matter are the right people to advance an agreement. “There is a great possibility to achieve a deal these days… David Friedman is our ambassador, and he is a big deal-maker,” said Trump. “He makes incredible deals. And Jason Greenblatt - the combination of these two, along with others, means that we have a good chance to get the deal done,” he added.
About his visit to the Western Wall, Trump clarified that it is still uncertain whether he will be joined by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We still haven't decided how my visit in the Western Wall is going to look,” he said. “We have great respect for Prime Minister Netanyahu and the decision to visit there with the Rabbi is mainly because this is what’s customary.”
When asked what is his message to the people in Israel upon his arrival, Trump stressed his strong connection to the people, and that this will help both sides of the conflict.
“I love the people in Israel,” he said. “I am working very hard to finally achieve peace between the people in Israel and the Palestinians. I hope that we can get there much faster than people predicted. We have a great opportunity here and it will be good for every one,” he concluded.