WATCH: Hamas flaunts 'elite unit' in new propaganda video

Fighters in latest Hamas propaganda video can be seen storming would-be IDF posts, utilizing tunnels, handling would-be hostage.

Hamas releases new video showing training of its elite forces‏.
A new propaganda video released Saturday by Hamas’s armed wing, Izzadin Kassam, showed a supposed "elite unit" training for a confrontation with the IDF.
The video features Hamas fighters, their faces blurred out, storming would-be IDF posts in what appears to be an urban warfare training site somewhat reminiscent, yet much more basic, than the IDF urban warfare centers used to train troops for complex operations in highly populated areas.
The militants in the video can be seen storming posts - equipped with machine guns, mortars and bombs - practicing shooting skills and training in the usage of infiltration tunnels and handling of a would-be IDF hostage.