WATCH: IDF reacts to deadly West Bank terror attack

Footage shows IDF forces preparing the assailant's family house for demolition.

IDF forces in action following deadly attack in Halamish, July 22, 2017. (IDF Spokesperson Unit)
The IDF published footage on Saturday morning of their speedy response to Friday evening's deadly stabbing attack in Halamish.
IDF units, special forces and the Shin Bet security services sealed off the entrances and exits to the attacker's hometown of Khobar, near Ramallah. Entry and exit was only permitted for humanitarian purposes.
The first section of the video shows forces mapping out the house of the attacker and initial preparations for its demolition and the arrest of the attacker's brother. Forces also seized terror-related money.
The second section of the video shows the location of the stabbing attack in Halamish, including blood-stained clothing, and senior army officers assessing the situation.