Watch: Jewish woman and Satan give birth to ISIS on Iraqi TV

Political satire mocks rituals of Islamic State.

The birth of ISIS

As Islamic State dominates the world stage with brutal mass murders, gruesome videos to world leaders and omnipresence on social media, Iraq – perhaps the hardest-hit nation by the self-proclaimed caliphate – has taken to the airwaves to give its take on the root cause of the extremist group.

A satire show broadcast on an Iraqi TV network depicts an arranged marriage between Satan and a Jewish woman. As celebratory music plays in the background, wedding preparations are underway in a Middle Eastern desert. The marriage "has a purpose," the man officiating the wedding explains, as the video pans to the bride and groom. "We will name our child ISIS," the parents-to-be say in unison.
Much to their delight, after taking their vows, the happy couple has a child: an ISIS fighter who emerges from an egg, fully equipped for battle.
As Satan and his Jewish wife raise their ISIS soldier, the rituals of the rising terrorist group are mocked in the clip – from the infamous black-and-white Islamic State flag, to the "throat slittings," and to various forms of punishments inflicted on "infidels" according to Sharia law.