Youth riot on Temple Mount, clash with police

Police sustain light injuries from firecrackers, rocks launched by Palestinian rioters near al-Aksa Mosque.

Clashes at Temple Mount (photo credit: JERUSALEM POLICE)
Clashes at Temple Mount
(photo credit: JERUSALEM POLICE)
Palestinian youth clashed with police on Wednesday morning as the Temple Mount was opened to the public ahead of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana.
Young Palestinian men covered their faces and launched fire crackers, as well as stones and cinder-blocks, at police officers who were guarding one of the Temple Mount's entrance gates.
Police pursued the rioters to al-Aksa Mosque where the youth locked themselves inside.
Some of the officers sustained minor injuries from stones and firecrackers. They were treated at the scene by medical personnel.
The Jerusalem District Police stated that the Temple Mount remains open to visitors ahead of the Jewish holidays and that visiting hours continue as usual.