WATCH: Aspiring artist speaks about experiencing terrorism and making art

Shaked Mimran's parents survival of a terrorist attack in her home has affected her life and art.

Shaked Mimran (photo credit: Courtesy)
Shaked Mimran
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Video: Eli Mandelbaum
Shaked Mimran, 25, is an aspiring young Israeli artist who says that  a terrorist attack in her home, which her parents survived while she and her siblings were away, has greatly affected her life and her art.
Mimran grew up in the West Bank community of Itamar until the age of twelve. It was there in her family home that a terrorist broke in and attempted to murder her parents, twelve years ago. Mimran's father wrestled with the assailant while her mother used the terrorist's knife to stab him to death.
Mimran and her siblings were all way visiting a Kibbutz in the North when the terrorist broke into their home.
Today Mimran studies art at the Emuna College where she has formed an artistic foundation in painting, sketching, and video graphics.
Mimran exhibits her art in Israel and abroad, the young artist said that she hopes to reach as many people as possible with her art.