Gan Levinsky Library hosts ballet

Free dance event this Saturday with performers from around the world.

This Saturday (June 5) at 7 p.m., the Gan Levinsky Library for the Foreign Community will host a free dance event that includes performances by Ecuadorian, Chinese, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Indian, Philippino and Israeli artists.

Works include a tragic mime piece from Ecuador about a mother waitingin vain for the return of her son, a Hindi stick and a Phillipinecandle dance, the ancient Kambala tribal dance from Sudan’s NubaMountains, Ethiopian masinko artist performing on this traditionalinstrument and a collaborative dance piece by Israeli, Hindi andSudanese artists.
A salute to Israel’s foreign workers, the show is sponsored by thelibrary, the Mesila Center at the TA municipality and Artis, amultidisciplinary group.
Levinsky Gardens is in the area of Tel Aviv’s old Egged bus terminal.