Ninet thrills at annual gala

Judy Siegel gets Life’s Door-Tishkofet award.

Ninet Tayeb (photo credit: Rotem Vahnish)
Ninet Tayeb
(photo credit: Rotem Vahnish)
Always a grand gala affair, the annual Life’s Door-Tishkofet (LDT) dinner is a well-balanced blend of emotion, entertainment and edification, not to mention epicurean excellence. At this year’s event, held recently at the elegant Avenue Convention Hall near Ben- Gurion Airport, the 750 diners and donors enjoyed an evening of topnotch fare and festivities.
Hosted by Army Radio’s Yael Dan, the evening proceeded seamlessly from a lavish cocktail reception to several speeches, a short film, an awards presentation, a slew of raffle prizes, a gourmet four-course dinner and superb entertainment.
In the lush dining room, illuminated by crystal chandeliers, comedian Guri Alfi warmed up the audience with a routine that focused on marriage and children.
This was followed by some virtuoso piano stylings by Shlomi Shaban, which led up to the powerful performance by sultry singer Ninet Tayeb. Alternating between hard rock and soulful ballads, the 29-year-old Tayeb seemed to wrench the songs straight from deep within herself, rendering her own versions of such songs as “Crazy” and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” which brought the house down.
Established in 2004, LDT provides emotional support, educational programs and other empowering services to patients – and their families – who are facing lifethreatening illness and helps reduce associated stigma. As LDT executive chairman Prof. Ben Corn said in his address, “We know how to sit with the people and give them hope in the worst circumstances.”
In the short film about the Jerusalembased organization and its work around the country, some of the clientele expressed their appreciation for “volunteer spiritual companions,” “someone to listen” and “a place to go to and feel at home.” As one woman admitted, “I feel that I owe them my life.”
And to demonstrate its own appreciation, LDT/Ma’agan honored four of its high-profile volunteers with awards.
Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, health and science editor of The Jerusalem Post, received the Public Health and Awareness and Community Award; Raphy Weiner, president & CEO of the Tamares Hotels Group, received the Caring Business Award; Avi Saporta of the Nitzan Insurance Agency received the Leader in Caring Award; and Iris Karamansa, director of an Americanbased family foundation, received the Volunteer and Giving Award.