Some 'Enchanted' evening

This Saturday night, choreographer Shlomit Fundaminsky will reveal her latest take on the favorite subject of romance at the Tmuna Theater.

My Enchanted One 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
My Enchanted One 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The romantic relationship between a man and a woman is subject to much discussion. It is the focal point of some of the oldest tales in history. And yet, though people have told and retold, investigated and revisited the topic millions of times, we never seem to get tired of hearing a love story.
This Saturday night, choreographer Shlomit Fundaminsky will reveal her latest take on our favorite subject at the Tmuna Theater in southern Tel Aviv. In a duet entitled My Enchanted One, Fundaminsky presents dancers Inbal Aloni and Oren Tishler as a longstanding couple. Trapped within the confines of their marriage, their home and their everlasting infatuation with each other, the two enact their daily routine as an item while allowing the audience to sneak a peak into their inner desire for something fresh.
To tell her tale (it is most likely not autobiographical), Fundaminsky uses the musical stylings of composer Yaniv Minzer. In addition, pianist Alexei Poliansky will join Aloni and Tishler on stage.
Fundaminsky has maintained a gentle presence in the dance community for many years. She is not one to shout, but when she speaks, people tend to listen. She got her start as a dancer for fringe choreographers such as Nimrod Freed and Noa Dar but quickly began to devise her own solos on the side.
Fundaminsky’s work is sophisticated and detailed, with much theatricality and humor.
Her most recent work, La Divina, boasted a gorgeous cast of dancers, each of whom acted out their take on famed opera stars. This work, which was both smart and quirky, was performed on stage and in outdoor locations such as the courtyard of the Suzanne Dellal Center.
This is Fundaminsky’s second tale of love and commitment. Her duet Skid Marks, which premiered in the 2005 Curtain Up Festival in Israel, was also a look at two people joined by an intimate bond. In the six years since, much has changed for Fundaminsky both personally and professionally. Her work has toured in Europe and the United States, gaining her a broader fan base. Also Fundaminsky is a new mother.
My Enchanted One will run at the Tmuna Theater on May 14 at 8:30 p.m. Tickets cost NIS 70 and are available online at