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'Radio Hanukka' to hit US airwaves.

Israeli film fest to conclude in Kenya Kenya's first ever Israeli film festival will conclude Thursday evening in the country's capital. Sponsored by the Israeli embassy in Nairobi, the week-long festival has showcased both emerging talents and Israeli classics, with an emphasis on films that offer a view of Israel not connected to the country's security situation. Festival-goers have attended "films that are less political and more focused on issues that are closer to [Israelis'] hearts - faith, hope, and love," said Tikva Seri, the embassy's cultural affairs officer. Films being screened at the festival include Ushpizin, The Syrian Bride and Turn Left at the End of the World. - Ori Raphael Letterman signs through 2010 David Letterman isn't going anywhere. CBS Corp. announced Monday that the late-night funnyman has signed a contract to stay on the air until at least 2010. It was widely reported in September that Letterman had agreed to the deal. "I'm thrilled to be continuing on at CBS," said Letterman, 59. "At my age you really don't want to have to learn a new commute." Letterman is expected to make somewhere north of $30 million a year. He's been competing with rival Jay Leno since 1993, and the NBC comic has had the upper hand in the ratings for the past decade. "His presence on our air is an ongoing source of pride, and the creativity and imagination that the Late Show puts forth every night is an ongoing display of the highest quality entertainment," said CBS Corp. President Leslie Moonves, who's been a target of Letterman's on-air barbs. "We are truly honored that one of the most revered and talented entertainers of our time will continue to call CBS home." - AP 'Radio Hanukka' to hit US airwaves An American satellite radio broadcaster is offering an all-Hanukka station. XM Satellite Radio will run "Radio Hanukka" for the length of the holiday, from December 15 to 23, as part of its seasonal offerings. The focus will be on the holiday's music and traditions, with the broadcasts set to feature appearances by Jewish celebrities and politicians including Barenaked Ladies, Matisyahu, Al Franken, Kinky Friedman, U.S. Senators Ben Cardin and Senator Carl Levin, Neil Sedaka and Dr. Ruth Westheimer. - JTA