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Israel Radio political reporter Yoav Krakowski will visit the Reshet Gimmel studio on Election Day.

Yoav Krakowski 88 248 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Yoav Krakowski 88 248
(photo credit: Courtesy)
THE LAST place one would expect to find Israel Radio political reporter Yoav Krakowski on Election Day is in the studios of Reshet Gimmel, which generally broadcasts pop music. But Krakowski will be in the Reshet Gimmel studio for the first time to join veteran broadcaster Yigal Ravid on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to briefly revive some of the more memorable campaign broadcasts of yesteryear. The spots featured not only politicians, but also entertainment personalities like Hagashash Hahiver, Sefi Rivlin, the stars of 'Nikui Rosh' and of 'Siba Lemesiba'. This will be Ravid's first time back in 15 years, who in a much earlier phase of his career was a Reshet Gimmel DJ. The two-hour broadcast will begin at 10 a.m.
  • THE RUNNING joke at Israel Radio is that MK Shelly Yacimovich, who used to anchor 'It's All Talk' (the popular program currently anchored by Yaron Dekel) is back on air. Yacimovich is using her old radio skills and style to interview Labor MKs in the current election campaign broadcasts on radio and TV, making them sound bona fide when they're really propaganda. Her radio "interview" program breaks into that of Keren Noibach's 'Agenda' and is titled 'Bederech Le'avoda', a word play meaning "on the way to work" or "on the road to Labor." Guests on one of Noibach's programs last week were discussing the professionalism of the campaign broadcasts and were not overly happy with Yacimovich for creating the impression that her broadcasts were part of a regular program.
  • BETTER KNOWN abroad than she is at home, Liel Kolet, who is currently doing her army service, is launching her first made-in-Israel album Sunday at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv on behalf of wounded soldiers currently undergoing rehabilitation. Though only 19, Kolet is not only a singer, but also a songwriter, peace activist and philanthropist who has appeared pro bono at numerous benefit concerts in Israel and around the world for organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, the UN, the EU, WIZO, the International Cancer Foundation, Seeds of Peace, Save a Child's Heart and many others. The album is titled 'To be Free' ('Lehiot Hofshi'), and Kolet decided that there was no better place to launch it than in the Sheba rehabilitation division. Kolet is due to travel to Rome later this year to sing for the pope.
  • ONE OF the numerous charitable organizations supported by the entertainment industry, Larger than Life, took a group of children cancer patients to visit the Knesset last week. There, they received a guided tour, saw a documentary film about the Knesset, were feted to a sumptuous lunch and a performance of 'The Jungle Book' featuring actors Sami Huri and Tzahi Noi, who later joined the youngsters and played with them.
  • CELEBRATED FILMMAKER Nir Toib received high praises when he directed 'Tammuz', the film which tells the story of the eight Israeli pilots who set out on a suicide mission to destroy the Iraqi nuclear reactor. 'Tammuz' delves into the moral dilemmas that plagued the decision to go ahead with the mission. The film was made for and with the assistance of the Israel Broadcasting Authority and was screened on Channel 1. Last month, the film was named by History Makers in New York as one of the best films of the decade for the period ending 2008, and it continues to be included in film festivals around the world. At around the same time, two other Israeli documentaries were screened at the 18th Jewish Film Festival at Lincoln Center. One was 'May Every Mother Know', also directed by Toib, about the Second Lebanon War. The other film, 'The Woman from Sarajevo', was written and directed by Ella Alterman and produced by 'Yehuda Bitton'; it tells the story of the first Muslim woman to be honored as the Righteous among the Nations. Both films were made for and with the help of the IBA.
  • EX-MOSHAVNIK Ronit Raphael, who rubs shoulders with many of the world's biggest names, including royalty and heads of state, has taken her range of L. Raphael Geneve cosmetic products to Moscow where they are being sold at Tsum, the city's largest department store. Raphael also launched a beauty clinic at Tsum, featuring her products. Raphael is so well known that the press conference she held at Tsum was attended by journalists from 'Vogue', 'Glamour', 'Tatler', 'Harper's Bazaar', 'Marie Claire', 'InStyle', 'Madame Figaro' and then some.
  • "LOCATION, LOCATION, location" remains the key to successful sales, even when realtors are having trouble finding buyers for high-priced properties. A whole bunch of celebrities have recently purchased apartments in Jaffa, including Uri Geller, who wants a place to call home whenever he comes back to the old country from England.