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Coming home or the briefest of sojourns before she returns to LA where she lives with her husband actor Aki Avni and their infant son, is actress and model Sandy Bar.

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Coming home this week for the briefest of sojourns before she returns to Los Angeles where she lives with her husband actor Aki Avni and their infant son, is actress and model Sandy Bar. No, she's not coming to celebrate her 30th birthday which falls this week. She'll be in Israel to do a fashion show for Erroca, and she will be in town for less than half a day. She's planning to fly in, do the show and fly out. Talk about jetting around. Next month, it will be Avni's turn to celebrate a birthday, but the big one won't be till next year, when the once and former enfant terrible who is now a very serious actor, turns 40. SINCE ALL her fans know that Noa and Achinoam Nini are one and the same person, some of them can't help wondering why she can't just stick with her real name - and leave it at that. She's back to Noa this coming week when she will be appearing in the 56th San Remo Song Festival taking place from February 27 to March 4. In preparation for the event, Yediot Aharonot approached several leading fashion designers and asked them to create a special outfit for her. Even though she has slimmed down considerably, she's still a long way from having model proportions. That of course does not stop her from knowing how to pose. Most of the outfits looked great on her - so much so, that she probably had a bigger headache trying to figure out which would do her the most justice. INNOCENCE, OR at least an innocent expression may be the key to winning shows such as A Star is Born and Born to Dance. There was something terribly innocent and appealing, even in his religiosity, about Yehuda Sado, whose triumph in A Star is Born not only opened new career possibilities for him, but inspired many young secular Israelis to at least explore their Jewish heritage. Now, another innocent looking young man, 17 year-old Or Kahalon, has won the Born to Dance contest. In all the excitement leading up to the finals last Wednesday, it was obvious that the adjudicators were extremely impressed by Kahalon, whose movements are amazing, but whose face constantly reflects a mix of innocence and happy surprise. By contrast, Rona Li Shimon, 22, whose star quality both as a dancer and an actress was noted by the judges time and again, was eliminated in the semi finals, a factor that did not stop the Hebrew media from giving her loads of publicity - because there is little doubt that she has both the talent, the looks and the perseverance to become a star. But there is something haughty and supercilious in her appearance that may have been a deciding factor when the public cast its vote. Innocence is a rare commodity these days, and both Keshet and Channel Two are cashing in on it judging by the ratings. The sheen on Rona Li's star diminished slightly after the Hebrew media revealed that she had opted out of army service on religious grounds. Neither her style of dancing nor her taste in clothes would characterize her as being religious. The same goes for Maya Buskila, who failed to serve in the IDF for the same reason, yet wears very revealing clothes and performs on Friday nights.