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Entertainer Dudu Topaz humiliated a McDonald's employee, and in so doing earned himself the kind of publicity he definitely doesn't need.

dudu topaz 248 88 (photo credit: Courtesy Naor Gal)
dudu topaz 248 88
(photo credit: Courtesy Naor Gal)
The impulsive Dudu Topaz has done it again. Without any malice intended, he humiliated a McDonald's employee, and in so doing earned himself the kind of publicity he definitely doesn't need. It all started when Topaz took two of his sons out to eat. At the end of the meal, he ordered a soft ice cream in a cone, and pretended that there was something wrong with the ice cream. The counter attendant offered to change it for him, but Topaz asked him to smell it. When the counter attendant leaned forward to oblige, Topaz pushed the ice cream into his face. Almost everyone laughed, but the victim was highly offended. Topaz later apologized and explained that he was showing one of his sons a trick. The victim didn't appreciate being the patsy, and Topaz's son was uncomfortable with the whole scene. By way of compensation, Topaz offered the counter attendant the opportunity to come on to his television show which is broadcast live and to plant as many ice creams as he wanted on Topaz's face. If he accepts this option instead of going to court, he will have to wait till after the elections. Due to the time slot of his program, Topaz had to become the sacrificial lamb for election campaign broadcasts, and will be off the air till the end of March. Though undoubtedly brash and occasionally outrageous, at heart, Topaz is really a good guy. On his various shows over the years he has brought Israeli expatriates back home, raised funds for life saving medical treatment, nurtured other people's romances, and given aspiring young entertainers their first big opportunity to perform prime time. Topaz will be celebrating his 60th birthday this year. WHEN THE door closes, the window opens. While Ran Danker may be unhappy that his romance with Ninette Taib has run its course, there are compensations. His fame and fortune may increase substantially. Diadora, the Italian manufacturer of sporting apparel and footwear is seriously considering using him for its European advertising campaign. Danker's big break came from the television soap Our Song in which he starred with Taib. He also appeared in the show's second season and will soon start shooting the third. THE BIG knitted kippa donned by Yehuda Sa'ado, who leapt to fame on A Star is Born, has become so popular among young people that many of those who used to wear the tiny postage stamp kippa have opted for the style favored by Sa'ado. The IDF is reportedly unhappy with this latest form of intrusion into the military dress code. Until this latest craze there was no specific military directive on kippot. The IDF may remain liberal on this score insofar as color is concerned, but not with regard to size.