Celebrity Grapevine

Actormodel Yehuda Levy, darling of local paparazzi, apparently doesn’t enjoy similar star treatment abroad.

YOU CAN’T win them all. Actormodel Yehuda Levy who is the darling of Israel’s rapidly growing telenovela industry and the male lead in the Fox advertising campaign, is the constant target of local paparazzi. Apparently, he doesn’t enjoy similar star treatment when travelling. Levy and his significant other, actress Efrat Boimold, decided to spend the holiday in Paris. The couple first ran into trouble at Ben Gurion Airport. Boimold had difficulty in getting the electronic passport system to identify her fingerprints. Several failed attempts left her embarrassed and frustrated. Once past the barrier, the incident became a minor disturbance that they could put behind them. Then when they boarded the plane, they discovered that their tickets were tourist class. (Surely they would have realized the price difference, unless Levy, so accustomed to the super discounts accorded celebrities, thought that this was just another instance). Be that as it may, the couple was subsequently informed that their hotel reservation had also been changed and they were transferred to another inn somewhere in the Latin Quarter. They refused to allow the glitches to spoil their enjoyment. Paris is after all Paris. FAME IS rapidly pursuing Yehuda Sa’ado. The recent winner of the reality singing competition A Star is Born (Kochav Nolad), Sa’ado has been snapped up by the YES satellite network to star in a telenovela series about an army entertainment troupe. He will play a canteen duty soldier who joins the troupe and becomes its star performer. Ninette Taib, a previous winner of A Star is Born has starred in other episodes in the series, and the show’s producers hope that her busy schedule will allow her to continue to participate during the coming season. If she is available, she will have the pleasure of working with her live-in companion Ran Danker, who has also been offered a part. Hadar Azouri, another graduate of the singing contest that is bringing so much untapped Israeli talent to public attention, has been offered a supporting role in the YES production.