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Erez Tal expecting a daughter; Tzvika Hadar has new lady; Nava Barak is dating Shalom Zinger.

THE TOOTHY grin of Erez Tal, quiz master of Channel Two's The Brain and former straight man to Orna Banai, is going to get even wider in the very near future when he becomes a daddy. Tal, who had a seven year romance with controversial broadcaster Merav Michaeli, followed by a six year romance with Michal Shavit, was a perennial bachelor whose single status defied change until he met Gili Levy who is not in the entertainment industry, but a member of Israel's high-tech community. Against all odds, Levy was able to get the 44-year old Tal to commit. The two are now awaiting the birth of their daughter. JUST A couple of months back, Tzvika Hadar gave an in-depth interview to Yediot Aharonot in which he confessed to be emotionally broken following his separation from his wife Kochavit, who is the mother of his three children. Since then, the couple has reached an arrangement for a divorce. With hindsight, it seems that Hadar was weeping crocodile tears. He has a new lady in his life with whom he was already keeping company when he gave his boo-hoo, tell-all story to Yediot. Her name is Liat Ganon. She's a divorcee with two children. Kochavit, meanwhile has been letting a few more tales out of the family closet. The fact that she is no longer married to a celebrity is not going to keep her out of the limelight. NOW THAT her constant escort Shalom Zinger has married off his son Barak, a 33 year old lawyer to Noya Ritter, 27, who amongst other challenging sports is a sky-diver. People are wondering when Nava Barak and Shalom Zinger are going to make their own relationship official. The romance in her life has given Barak a youthful spark. Always attractive, she has become even more so. Both in her own right and through Zinger, who moves in big money circles, Barak also has a very busy social itinerary. Mutual friends that she shares with her ex-husband, former prime minister Ehud Barak, are issuing more invitations in her direction than his.