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The cast of Hashir Shelanu the Israeli soap opera with an increasingly complex plot, continues to grow. The most recent addition is Agam Rodberg, who ill appear regularly on the series during its upcoming 4th season.

agam rodberg 88 298 (photo credit: Courtesy)
agam rodberg 88 298
(photo credit: Courtesy)
IN HIS days as a gossip writer for Yediot Aharonot, the irreverent Gil Riva made mincemeat of celebrities. He's been less receptive to having the spotlight turned on his own family, however, and is now getting set to face off in court against celebrity photographer Shlomi Buchacho, who's made a habit of focusing his camera on Riva's young son, Yonatan Riva. Riva and his wife are demanding damages of some NIS 250,000 from Buchacho and the Walla Web site, which published photos of Yonatan Riva that were taken against his will. According to a complaint filed in a Tel Aviv court, Buchacho harassed the boy so relentlessly that the younger Riva refused to be photographed at family gatherings, including his own birthday party. Celebrities become targets of the paparazzi by choice, but children, regardless of whose children they may be, are protected by law from being having their photos published without consent. Riva's own approach toward celebrities has changed, interestingly enough. Now a celebrity interviewer for Channel Two, he handles his subjects much more gently on air than he did in print. Some parents are happy to see images of their children splashed across the newspapers - at least during the period before they're born. The most vivid recent examples are model Shiraz Tal and actress and former beauty queen Miri Bohadana, who are both currently pregnant. Like Demi Moore and Britney Spears, who both famously loved to pose while pregnant, Tal and Bohadana have shown plenty of enthusiasm about taking pictures while they're expecting. How they'll feel about public photos of their children after they're born is another question. THE PRESTIGIOUS Sokolov Prize for Journalism will be awarded next month, and its recipients this year are Nissim Mishal, who will receive a life achievement award, and Itai Landsberg, who is being honored for his documentary on the wounded in the Lebanon War and for his contributions to Channel 1's Second Look program. Each of the two winners will receive NIS 18,000. Mishal, a long-time political reporter for Channel 1, moved to Channel 2 soon after it was founded, and is being recognized for introducing his own aggressive interviewing style to the electronic news media. AFTER JUST over a year of dating, the volatile Eden Harel and the mild-mannered Oded Menashe have decided to make their relationship permanent. Menashe, 37, has never been married, and was long considered one of the most eligible and elusive catches in the entertainment industry. He's now a television presenter, and for many years starred in TV shows for children. Harel, 30, has been married once and has a child. The first Israeli VJ on MTV Europe, she now has her own celebrity interview show, Nechsafim (Exposed), on the local E! channel. Her relationship with Menashe began after she invited him to appear on her show. There was instant chemistry, and the couple have been together ever since. The date for the wedding has yet to be announced. THE CAST of Hashir Shelanu (Our Song), the Israeli soap opera with an increasingly complex plot, continues to grow. The most recent addition is Agam Rodberg, who ill appear regularly on the series during its upcoming fourth season. Rodberg was all set to fly to the US to look up some old friends when she received the offer to join the show. She still wants to travel to the US - but not just yet.