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It's a boy for entertainment news guru Guy Pines and his wife, Ruthie Rudner, who became parents for a second time last week, when they presented daughter Anna with a baby brother.

guy pines 88 298 (photo credit: Hot Television)
guy pines 88 298
(photo credit: Hot Television)
Proud dad. Entertainment news guru Guy Pines (Hot Television) Celebrity Grapevine GREER FAY CASHMAN GOOD EVENING, Guy Pines. It's a boy. The entertainment news guru and his wife, Ruthie Rudner, an editor at Keshet Television, became parents for a second time last week, when they presented daughter Anna with a baby brother. The infant's uncle is rock star Chemi Rudner. THERE'S AN old bit of marital wisdom suggesting that the couple that models underwear together, stays together. Or something like that. Delta clothing is putting the saying to the test, reportedly forking over a hefty sum to feature former Miss IsraelLinor Aberjil posing in the company's new underwear collection with her husband, former Maccabi Tel Aviv star Sarunas Jasikevicius. It'll be Jasikevicius' modeling debut but business as usual for Aberjil, who in 1998 became the first - and so far only - Miss Israel to serve as Miss World. TV HOST and model Karin Magrizo, already known for her slim, striking looks, has embarked on a strenuous diet and fitness regimen to prepare for her upcoming ad as the face - and feet - of TO GO Shoes. The TO GO commercials will demand more physical agility from Magrizo than she's used to showing on her TV appearances, and, like the stores themselves, will soon be visible all over the country. ALTHOUGH THEY'RE probably doing just fine based on their work on TV's Eretz Nehederet (A Wonderful Country), comedians Eyal Kitzis and Tal Friedman have decided to improve their earnings further by publishing a zany travel guide. Kitzis, the anchor of Eretz Nehederet's weekly news parody, has also entered the rag trade, joining members of the business community to form a new import company that will bring foreign fashion labels to Israel. The group includes advertising gurus Reuven Adler and Eyal Chomsky, Caf Israel CEO Roy Hollander and Ilan Jerby, the manager of Lee Cooper in Israel. Group members have already started making the rounds at fashion shows around the world, and the venture is expected to take off very soon. WHEN WEDNESDAY night owls call in to Israel Radio to speak with septugenarian host Netiva Ben Yehuda, the opening sentence is usually, "I want to tell you how much I enjoy your program." At which point Ben Yehuda interjects to correct the caller: "Not my program - our program." Most of the callers are in Ben Yehuda's age group, if not older, and like their host were born in pre-state Israel. The nostalgia that comes through on the program, which focuses on pre-state music and uplifting stories, is a fond reminder of the history they helped to make.