A MIGHTY Heart, the new film based on the book written by Mariane Pearl, chronicles her experiences following the abduction of her husband, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

A MIGHTY Heart, the new film based on the book written by Mariane Pearl, chronicles her experiences following the abduction of her husband, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. The film is garnering attention around the world and its premiere at Cannes was one of the film festival's biggest events. The film's stars Angelina Jolie and Dan Futterman, joined Judea and Ruth Pearl (Daniel's parents) at a special benefit screening of the film at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles in support of the Daniel Pearl Foundation. The sold-out event raised more than $15,000 for the foundation, which is committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music, and innovative communications (www.danielpearl.org). The film will be released widely on June 22. FASHION MODEL Orly Bauman's publicized romance with hotel and real estate developer Eli Papouchado, who is twice her age, did not ruin her chances for marriage. She made a beautiful bride when she recently wed businessman Andrew Wolfson. Because Bauman understands both fashion and tradition, she eschewed the current trend towards baring as much flesh as possible, and wore a classic, lace bodice white gown with high neckline and sleeves extending beyond the wrists. Guests from abroad were all accommodated in the elegant Tel Aviv beachfront Alexander Hotel that was recently purchased by the bride's sister Anna Bauman and her husband, British-Israeli businessman Riki Shasha. Anna, like Orly, and most of the other Bauman siblings, is an international fashion model. Seven years ago, their mother Yehudit Bauman from whom they inherit their good looks, made international headlines when she claimed to be the daughter of Italian film star Marcello Mastroianni. In an interview with The Jerusalem Post at the time, Yehudit Bauman's mother Julia Rosenthal, who was somewhat embarrassed to talk about the brief holiday romance she had enjoyed with Mastroianni during a visit to Italy when she was a young married woman, said that he had provided gifts and financial support for his Israeli child. She said that she had documents confirming that he was the father, a factor that led to Yehudit mounting an unsuccessful claim for a large slice of Mastroianni's estate. Mastroianni died in 1996 at 72. He had been married for some 50 years to Italian actress Flora Carabella, with whom he had a daughter, Barbara. He also had a daughter Chiara with his longtime mistress Catherine Deneuve, who joined Flora at his bedside as he lay dying from pancreatic cancer. During World War II, Mastroianni was captured by the Nazis and imprisoned in a labor camp from which he escaped. He earned his film reputation as a Latin lover in La Dolce Vita. On screen, he was most frequently associated with Sophia Loren with whom he starred in 10 films including Marriage Italian Style. A BIG rumor has been swelling about Kochav Nolad winner Ninette Tayeb, 23, and her boyfriend, actor Yehuda Levy, 27. Last week Yediot Aharonot reported that the couple are planning a November wedding. The report was subsequently picked up by many Israeli media outlets, but has been denied by Tayeb in an interview with MSN video. Marriage was not something she envisaged for the time being, she said, though she found it amusing that the media was arranging her life, picking the rings and selecting the hotel. It should be remembered that at the beginning of her romance with Levy, she was heavily involved with Ran Danker, who publicly referred to her as the love of his life, and Levy was living with Efrat Boimwald, who had been his significant other for five years. Despite the profusion of media reports about their attraction to each other, Tayeb and Levy kept issuing denials - so maybe there will be a wedding in November after all.