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Entertainers Oded Menashe and his wife Eden Harel recently learned they're expecting their first child together.

oded menashe 88 298 (photo credit: Hot Television)
oded menashe 88 298
(photo credit: Hot Television)
DAD-TO-BE Oded Menashe Hot Television Celebrity Grapevine GREER FAY CASHMAN BACK ON home territory for this week's Jerusalem Film Festival is producer Lati Grobman, who attended Saturday night's screening of Nu Image production When Nietzsche Wept. Grobman got her start in entertainment locally before leaving for the U.S. to study drama at Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio. Her career has sprouted wings overseas, but she's kept her Israeli connections strong, continuing to work closely at Nu Image with compatriot film producers such as Avi Lerner, the prolific force behind recent movies starring the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson. Among the films on which Grobman and Lerner have collaborated is Blonde Ambition, which stars Jessica Simpson and is set for release later this year. SINGER NINET TAYEB'S surprise party for her boyfriend's 28th birthday turned out, in the end, not to be such a surprise. Word somehow got out to the press ahead of the celebration, and photographers' were already waiting outside the party's Tel Aviv venue when the pair arrived. The photographers may have ruined the surprise, but they did what they could to make up for it, greeting Tayeb's boyfriend - film and TV star Yehuda Levy - at the party's entrance with a Hebrew rendition of "Happy Birthday." AMONG THE guests at Levy's party was another celebrity couple, TV presenters Eden Harel and Oded Menashe. The twosome had a reason of their own to celebrate that evening - they'd recently learned they're expecting their first child together. The baby will be Harel's second, joining a four-year-old son from her first marriage, and the first for the expectant father. THEY CHANGE their hair color as often as some people change their underwear, which helps keep their admirers guessing. Small screen stars Orna Datz and Miri Bohadana are now vying against each other as they promote rival home supply companies. Datz, who began promoting Home Center earlier this year while Bohadana was on maternity leave, has been joined on the commercial battlefield by the Sderot-born model, who's regained her figure and signed a deal for $80,000 to serve as the new face of Ace. ALSO BACK at work after maternity leave is Einav Galilee, the host of Channel 2's The World This Morning. She returned to the studio almost exactly three months to the day after her son, Ori, was born - and it's a good thing, too, because Keren Marciano, her replacement during her absence, is now expecting a baby of her own. ONE LAST word about great expectations. Model sisters Orly and Anna Bauman have always done most things together - a pattern that now extends to having babies. Post-delivery, both women intend to return to modeling. THE DATE and the venue have yet to be finalized, but the announcement that singer Yehuda Saado is engaged was greeted with great joy late last month by both relatives and fans. Known for his modesty and religious observance, Saado wore a large white kippa for the duration of his run on TV singing contest A Star is Born, and has made no secret of the fact that he wants to get married. The singer, who released his first album earlier this year, was introduced to his bride by mutual friends about four months ago. Her name has so far been shielded from the press, but the twosome did manage to celebrate the engagement together with family and friends last month in Beersheba.