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The paparazzi will be enthusiastic when French President Nicolas Sarkozy comes to Israel with his new wife, the beautiful singer Carla Bruni.

sarkozy bruni 88  224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
sarkozy bruni 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy)
WHEN IT was still doubtful whether the Academy Awards would take place due to the protracted strike by Hollywood screen writers, Yardena Cohen, mother of Beaufort star Oshri Cohen, lived in hope that she would walk the red carpet. Her hopes were so high, according to Studio C in Rishon Lezion, that she worked out regularly to make sure that she would look fantastic in the sparkling gown she bought for the occasion. Her fantasy, however, was punctured when the strike ended and the demand for tickets by Hollywood celebrities went up. As a result, the invitation list for overseas guests had to be reduced and Yardena was one of its casualties. Last year Yardena accompanied Oshri to the Berlin Film Festival where Beaufort director Joseph Cedar received the Silver Bear award. Tonight she'll have to settle for watching the Academy Awards on TV - but she'll wear the dress anyway. She'll also be looking to catch a glimpse of Oshri in his new suit. Cedar's wife, Varda Kelnar, will be fortunate enough to walk the coveted red carpet. Wives apparently take precedence over mothers. It will also be Cedar who takes the stage to receive the Oscar if his film wins. Kelnar plans to wear a simple, yet elegant NIS 2,350 Lichtenshtadt gown made in Israel by designers Efrat Lichtenshtadt and Sharon Dauba. She may stand out in the crowd because of the pure simplicity of the design, which has natural drape and is extremely modest by Hollywood standards. IT'S DIFFICULT to be creative and think about money at the same time, especially when you're simultaneously engaged in making a full length feature film and a 200 minute television series designed to be an Israeli-French-Belgian-German co-production. But celebrated producer, director and script writer Haim Buzaglo and his partners Yaniv Hamama and Amir Gedalia somehow found time over a three month period to accomplish all this and negotiate a major business deal with New York investor Joseph Greenkorn, 34. The businessman bought a 25 percent stake in Haim Buzaglo productions for $1.2 million. Greenkorn owns an investment firm in Manhattan and is also a real estate developer and financial investor for rappers, pop stars and screen stars including Ice T. Greenkorn, who will now become the company's CEO and marketing manager, is a great fan of Buzaglo's and is eager for him to complete To be Reborn, the film he's currently working on. WHENEVER A visiting president or prime minister comes to Israel, the media pay attention. But the paparazzi will be even more enthusiastic when French President Nicolas Sarkozy comes to Israel for the 60th anniversary celebrations. Sarkozy, who is not only handsome and controversial, but also popular in Israel, will be accompanied by his new wife, the beautiful model and singer Carla Bruni. The couple will need to have a huge security detail to keep photographers at bay. EINAV GALILI, the actress, anchorwoman and remarkable hostess of the television program Mishak Machur, has been hired to host a new satirical show. Rumor has it that one of the permanent members of her team will be none other than the recently retired Haim Yavin. Moreover, the show will be screened on Channel 2 and not on Yavin's old turf, Channel 1. It hasn't take long for "Mr. Television" to get back in front of the cameras again after quitting Mabat.