Dance Review:

Jose Porcel Flamenco Dance Company Suzanne Dellal, September 9.

Jose Porcel Flamenco Dance Company 370 (photo credit: courtesy pr)
Jose Porcel Flamenco Dance Company 370
(photo credit: courtesy pr)
Acompact version of the Madrid-based company of Jose Porcel brought a sample of basic, predictable Flamenco dancing to Suzanne Dellal’s stage.
Porcel, somewhere in his mid-forties, seemed to have lost some of his strength, and performed only a few short solo pieces. In between his performances, his two supporting female dancers had ample time to show their undeniable skill.
Overall, the evening fell between the cracks; the troop gave up the traditional, more formal look and added contemporary flare with less flashy costumes, yet the dance was a far cry from the new flamenco that shook the dust off so-called pure flamenco.
While musical intermissions are part of most Flamenco shows, the five musicians – including the two singers mentioned above – didn’t attempt any unusual musical arrangements or virtuoso playing on the violin, guitar or cajon.
It seemed both the host and the guests treated the performance as yet another gig, and one on the shoddy side at that. They didn’t even bother naming the dancers and musicians, although possibly they reasoned that they didn’t have to, since the room was packed with Flamenco aficionados.