Dance Review: On Danse

Anything goes in "On Danse," and it's all in good fun.

Montalvo-Hervieu Company ( France) On Danse TAPAC October 26 French company Montalvo-Hervieu are enamored with the new artistic horizons supplied by video and chose to fill their latest production, "On Danse," with projected images that defy reality. "On Danse" takes stage dance and sets it in a wild fantasy land safari, flavored with Baroque spices. A herd of flying elephants, giant chicks, white horses and lions, all take part in the extravagant merriment. Stone sculptures come to life, hip hop dancers spin their feet-up against ballet dancers and street culture coexists with classical music. Lithe young dancers - thin to a fault - rub shoulders with hefty older folks. Anything goes, and it's all in good fun. As far as dancing goes, three truly hot hip hop practitioners overshadow other dancers with their attitude and accuracy and add clear stage personality. Two more also have unique voices: a clever insecure clown and an actress who observes that dancing feels good inside, like happy bubbles. Looking at her, one can almost see them fizzing. In the 90-minute long performance there are quite a few beautiful moments and smile inducing scenes, but as they keep coming relentlessly with insignificant variations, even this colorful pastiche challenges one's stamina.