Flamenco at the Jerusalem Theater plaza

The trio are Shuki Shweiki, Idan Balas, Ma’ayan Doueiri.

flamenco dancer 370 (photo credit: courtesy )
flamenco dancer 370
(photo credit: courtesy )
Seven years ago, three local musicians left the country for Seville, Spain, the flamenco world capital. They were in search of the soul of that art, which according to world-renowned guitarist Paco de Lucia has its roots in the Jewish liturgy.
After performing with international names in the field, such as cantaora (flamenco singer-songwriter) Esperanza Fernandez, and bailaora (flamenco dancer) Belen Maya, they are back, ready to share their expertise with the Israeli public. Tomorrow they will be appearing in the plaza of the Jerusalem Theater, in a performance that combines their live act with on-screen viewing.
The screen artists are Yotam Kellner, Noam Gelbart, and Arik Lerner.
The trio, Shuki Shweiki, Idan Balas, Ma’ayan Doueiri will be accompanied by Itamar Borochov on the trumpet, singer and string-player Aviv Beche and the Flamenco Natural dance ensemble, directed and led by Sharon Sagi. Beloved local artist Ahuva Ozeri will appear as a guest musician, with some of her songs, including “Tziltzulei Pa’amonim” and “Ha’ish Ha’hu,” sung by Dvir Cohen Araki .
Performances are August 22, 9 p.m., at the Jerusalem Theater plaza, NIS 28; August 25, 9 p.m., Hangar 1 at Jaffa port, NIS 110; August 28, 8p.m., Café Bar Avraham on Yaffo street, below Binyan Klal.