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Beit Avi Chai to host Stage One–English-Speaking Theater Festival for three days during Passover.

Stage One–English-Speaking Theater Festival 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Stage One–English-Speaking Theater Festival 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
“Stage One–English-Speaking Theater Festival,” will be held for the third year in a row, shinning the spotlight on the thriving subculture of Israel’s English-language theater groups.
For three days, Beit Avi Chai will showcase Israeli and foreign English- language drama and music ensembles.
The Festival will take place during the intermediate days of Passover (Chol HaMoed Pessach, April 8–10, 2012).
Seven plays will be performed, along with concerts, stand-up acts, a jazz concert, and much more.
The entire Festival is meant for English-speaking theater lovers from Jerusalem and beyond.
It presents the best performances by amateur troupes that perform all year round, putting on plays that have to do with their world as immigrants and as Israelis.
The Festival will also host a production by the Canadian Winnipeg Jewish Theater, a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award of the Canada Council for the Arts.
Tickets: Theater: NIS 50 (Students NIS 20) Improv: NIS 30 Music: NIS 40 (Students NIS 20) Music performances at the gallery: Admission free but subject to available space.