Kids' performances

Kids who didn't make it to Jerusalem's puppet theater festival now have a second chance in Tel Aviv.

kids theatre 298 (photo credit: Courtesy photo)
kids theatre 298
(photo credit: Courtesy photo)
Kids who didn't make it to Jerusalem's puppet theater festival can still take in a children's festival of puppet and other performances before summer's out. The Suzanne Dellal compound in southern Tel Aviv hosts the 16th annual Yaron Yerushalaymi Tales of Enchantment children's theater festival this Tuesday through Thursday. The Jerusalem puppet festival's sponsor, The Train Theater, will be there, represented by performances of its Marzipan Fairy, a tale of the adventures of a little girl who needs her magic passwords to fall asleep (for ages 3-7; Tuesday, NIS 40). Like all the scheduled shows - 24 in all - there will be two showings, all at 4:30 and 6:30 pm. For the same age range, the Klipa Theater presents its dance theater performance Toy Friend (NIS 60). The even younger set (ages 2 to 4) can enjoy Yael's House - story plus activity (NIS 25). Efraim Sidon's story of a town of baldies, who kick out their mayor when he discovers a hair on his head, will be staged in the main auditorium. The festival features free outdoor shows starting 5:30 p.m., 5:45 and 7:30 all three days. Wednesday's line-up includes an energetic Stomp-like show for ages 3 to 8, Yoffy Toffy (NIS 65). A Hebrew show of Where the Wild Things Are (ages 3-9, NIS 65); the Train Theater puppet show and activity Two Ladies and a Pepper (ages 4-7, NIS 40); and A Journey in Color for ages 2-4 (NIS 25) make up - along with the outdoor performances - the rest of Wednesday's offerings. Thursday's schedule: Tuli Bilbuli in the Land of Chatter (ages 2-8, NIS 65); the theater dance piece about the adventures of a nature explorer, Why and Wherefore (3-10, NIS 65 - pictured); the Train Theater show Daddy Hunts a Tiger (ages 4-8, NIS 40); and the puppet show and activity Where Is Pluto (2-4, NIS 25). The free outdoor shows change daily. For more information and tickets, call (03) 510-5656.