Netanyahu: Face to face with Abbas

PM speaks at American embassy for US Independence Day celebration

Netanyahu points the way 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
Netanyahu points the way 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to meet him for direct, face-to-face peace talks during a speech Thursday at the American embassy.
"I am ready to begin them any time," said Netanyahu. "I am ready to meet today, tomorrow, the next day. In any place."
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The prime minister spoke at an independence day celebration for the upcoming fourth of July at the American embassy in Tel Aviv Thursday evening.
Netanyahu praised the US during his speech, saying that "on the fourth of July, Americans celebrate their independence. But America's independence is something all free nations can and should celebrate, because all free nations are indebted to the United States."
After mentioning an upcoming meeting with US President Barack Obama next week and the pending round of sanctions against Iran, Netanyahu spoke about his willingness to pursue peace with the Palestinians.
"The only way to complete peace negotiations are to begin them. And the only way to begin them are to have the two parties sit across from one another and directly negotiate these complex issues together.
"Let's not wait 15 months before we sit down together. This is a great hope, and a great challenge."
In closing, Netanyahu wished a "Hag Sameach" on behalf of citizens of Israel to the American people for the fourth of July.