Shakespeare 3D

The play comes out to the crowd.

Shakespeare play 311 (photo credit: Ben Spier)
Shakespeare play 311
(photo credit: Ben Spier)
Shakespeare in the park takes on a whole other meaning for the "Theater in the Rough" drama group, who expected their audience to follow them around the park for the moving acts of the play.
While on a traditional stage, the act change would be signaled by a change of scenery, the play’s director Beth Steinberg explained that in "Shakespeare in the rough," at the end of an act the actors invite the audience to come with them to a different part of the park.
"Shakespeare in the rough" put on two performances of Twelfth Night at Jerusalem's Bell Park in Jerusalem. No tickets were sold, and there were no assigned seats for the two hundred person audience who had to provide their own chairs or find a place to sit on the grass.