Square dedicated to Hagashashim

The comedians were touched by the tribute.

Hagashash 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Hagashash 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Gavriel Banai and Yishayahu Levy, the remaining members of Hagashash Hahiver, visited Givat Shmuel on Monday to be told by Mayor Zamir Ben-Ari that the square at the junction of Hazeitim and Hanassi roads would be named for the comedy troupe, in memory of third member Yisrael Poliakov. The comedians were touched by the tribute and said they were still having trouble internalizing the loss of their friend, with whom they performed for 36 years. The square has been freshly landscaped, with an old olive tree, three pools with fountains, ultraviolet lighting, stones, grass and colorful flowers. Hagashash Hahiver has been part of Israeli culture for over 30 years, and the fictional language "Gashashit" has become a fixture. The three members of the group, Gavri, Shaike and Poli, won an Israel Prize for their contribution to society.