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The Producers (HaMakefim) Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv January 27, 2006

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producers 88
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This Mel Brooks inspired production provides further proof of the inspired versatility of director Michah Lowensohn. He is equally renowned for his success with classic dramas such as "Death of a Salesman," or "The Glass Menagerie," as well as last season's local smash hit, "Mikveh". The Israeli version of "The Producers" has its problems though. The casting of three stars, Shlomo Bar Abba, Eli Gornstein and Dror Keren, failed to enliven the somewhat dated text. Not one of them lived up to their well-earned reputations. But all the rest was glamor and glitter. Spectacular sets and costumes (Orna Smorgonsky & Dror Herrenson), sensational lighting (Avi Yona Bueno), highly hepped-up choreography (Chet Walker), and a wealth of stunning song-and -dance numbers. Above all, the performances of two lesser- known stars highlighted the proceedings. Hila Ofer, combining the talents of dancer, acrobat, comedienne and glamor girl, gave a memorable performance.