Top Israeli DJs at Haoman

DJ Skazi is in the house Saturday in Tel Aviv, while DJ Sahar Zangilevich will be spinning discs Thursday in Jerusalem.

dy sahar 298.88  (photo credit: Courtesy)
dy sahar 298.88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
DJ Skazi, who recently landed the #37 spot in DJ Magazine's prestigious top 100 DJ poll, will be ushering in the new party line for soldiers (ages 20+) taking place every Saturday night at Haoman 17 in Tel Aviv, tomorrow night starting at 11. DJ Skazi, famous for his Ozzy Osbourne looks and his guitar wielding trance-rock-cyber-punk, is a favorite among trance aficionados around the world, particularly in Japan and South America, which are hot markets for trance raves these days. There's something for non-trance lovers too: DJ Eazy will spinning hip hop in the small room, while DJ Eran Barnea will be warming up Skazi's set with dance hits and house. Abarbanel 88, Tel Aviv; NIS 50-70. Info and advance tickets: 052-579-6979.
Click for upcoming events calendar! On Thursday, up the hill at the Jerusalem (and original) branch of Ha'uman 17, former resident DJ Sahar Zangilevich will be playing an exclusive live act of his original materials as his parting set before embarking on a world tour. This will be the last time to hear in Israel one of the country's most beloved house DJ's, voted number 1 DJ in Israel by the MTV DJ awards held in Israel in 2004. Haoman 17, Talpiot Industrial Zone, Jerusalem; free entrance for students before 12:30 am; NIS 30-80. Info and lists: 052-383-3117.