Twofold festivities

Ramat Hasharon celebrates Purim plus its 90th anniversary.

Ussishkin Street Purim Carnival 390 (photo credit: Courtesy Ramat Hasharon)
Ussishkin Street Purim Carnival 390
(photo credit: Courtesy Ramat Hasharon)
Ramat Hasharon’s annual Purim carnival is celebrating the city’s 90th anniversary with a colorful festive event. A grand anniversary happening will be followed by a spectacular parade on Ussishkin Street on Friday, March 9, with dancers, performers and jugglers from around the country.
The festivities will include giant displays combined with spectacular decorations and performers, such as a cake display, a band display and clowns in a circus display. There will also a gift float, a magic float and balloons galore.
Ramat Hasharon’s mayor and council members will lead the giant parade, riding on decorated bicycle rickshaws, dressed in colorful costumes while handing out gifts and treats to the crowed.
Some 1,200 participants from dance studios from across the country will perform to a special anniversary and Purim soundtrack. There will also be entertainment on stage for the whole family.
This includes a show by children’s stars Shay & Roei, musical groups, performances by community centers and much more.
Ramat Hasharon’s Purim carnival takes place on Friday, March 9, on Ussishkin Street from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.