Articles of Clothing: Allenby's brightest biker

Documenting women in Israel and their knack for looking fantastic, no matter what the occasion.

Biker chic (photo credit: Lauren Izso)
Biker chic
(photo credit: Lauren Izso)
The Holy Land has an abundance of interesting and vibrant fashion and Israelis have a tendency to make a statement even when they aren’t trying.
This is truly a land of accidental style.
Around every corner in Tel Aviv, are walls dressed in magnificent graffiti murals, the architecture is intricate and ornate, and remarkable fashion is on display for all to see. While Israel is known for its mountains and deserts, there is also much inspirational art, and style is definitely an artistic statement. This tiny country is filled with enormous beauty of all sorts.
The raucous of Allenby Street is no exception, buzzing with excited tourists, noisy traffic, and busy shops. Leaning seductively on a motorbike at the corner of Allenby and Shenkin, Yasmin Yosef is a real life portrait of Tel Aviv style.
Lauren Izso
Lauren Izso
One of Israel’s most admirable qualities is that amongst the conflict and the struggles, there is so much beauty, and similar to the splendor of the Holy Land, the chaotic Allenby Street has a number of redeeming qualities; in particular, all the fabulous fashionistas. Yosef exemplifies this term.
With her simple outfit, jazzed up with eccentric jewelry and oversized sunglasses, passersby can’t help but check her out.
“I am inspired by color. I love to bring outfits together with one theme color that ties everything together,” says Yosef as she takes a drag from her cigarette.
She says that she doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on her jewelry, but always makes sure whatever she wears looks expensive. This, she explains, is the key to looking fabulous without affecting your wallet.
So full of color, with her trendy jewelry pulling her outfit together, her simple hair do compliments it exceptionally.
Lauren Izso
Lauren Izso
Yosef insists that while she her outfits are always important to her, the key to being a true fashionista is confidence. Although style is important, Yosef would not be the fashionista she is without her confidence.
With so many fashion statements in one tiny area, it is easy to appreciate the vast variety of culture and style in the metropolitan of Tel Aviv, just by walking down this famous street.
Yosef is just an example of the infinite style on Allenby Street. The best part of Israeli fashion is that there is no norm; everyone dresses according to their own tastes. Israeli fashion is an art of true free expression.Try it: Wear a simple outfit, but with a flash of color. Add some matching jewelry. That is the difference between clothing, and a complete outfit.
Warning: Don’t overdo it. Too many colors and you might end up looking like rainbow, and not in a good way.