Articles of Clothing: Spiritual style

Documenting women in Israel and their knack for looking fantastic, no matter what the occasion.

Spiritual style (photo credit: Lauren Izso)
Spiritual style
(photo credit: Lauren Izso)
The clothing a woman wears is a subject that is taken rather seriously among the religious Jewish community, but there is nothing in the Torah that says a woman should look frumpy.
Conservative attire, meaning long sleeves, skirts and head-coverings are a style norm for these modest maidens, but covering up doesn’t have to mean wearing an unflattering sac. Many observant women take pride in looking beautiful inside and out, and find inventive ways to make covering up look cute.
What better place is there to find women who are conservatively creative than the streets of the Holy Land?Try it: Add a pattern scarf to almost any autumn outfit, but make sure it matches your color scheme. Scarves are a necessary accessory. Especially with conservative attire, scarves are an easy way to liven it up while covering it up. And don’t be shy, scarves leave plenty of room for creativity.
Warning: If you prefer wigs to headscarves, make sure it looks natural. There is nothing worse than a giant furry animal sitting on a woman’s head. Wanting natural hair is understandable, but if it doesn’t look real, you are fooling no one. Go for the head scarf instead: authentic and endless style possibilities.