Braving the beach

Check out these 7 tips for how to accessorize yourself head-to-toe for a day at the beach.

Beachwear (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
arm – warm – warm … hot ! Summer is already here, and now is the time to go outside and resist the temptation of spending the whole day near the air-conditioner.
It’s time to enjoy the wonderful breeze at the beach but still beware of the sun’s harmful rays and sit in the shade or go out when it’s more pleasant. Fashion shops are already filled with bathing suits, beachwear and accessories, so you can look glamorous even in the most casual location. Here are some selected items.
1. Looking beyond.
Claude Samuel, a third-generation optometrist and eyeglass designer, has chosen to photograph migrant workers wearing his summer 2012 glasses collection as part of the social agenda he is identified with and the struggle for their rights. The ad campaign is run in collaboration with the Israeli Children Organization, and the models include Lyla Iyat and Rakel Alkantiera from the Philippines. Says Samuel, “My job is to help people see, and I wanted to help the Israeli population see the beauty of other communities.” The glasses come in warm, natural colors.
Claude Samuel, 17 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv.
2. Signs of summer.
Spanish designer Emi Panno’s summer collection is young, feminine and striking. The collection received international attention, with unusual designs made from rich fabrics.
The styles are flattering and sexy, with a bold use of prints and textures. The styles that highlight the collection are “puffed up” dresses and “cigar-style” knee-length mini-skirts. The rich fabrics boast colorful flowers, fruits and geometric patterns.
Available at Silise boutique chain.
3. Olympic swimmer.
Speedo’s new swimwear collection features lightheartedness and lots of color. The bathing suits meet the needs of every age and every physique. They come in prominent summer colors: navy blue, white, red, turquoise, purple, black, apple-green, orange and fuchsia. This year, different textures are a stand-out, such as net. Speedo also offers bathing suits with floral prints and tropical sunsets, as well as bras that combine netlike strips, psychedelic triangles and more.

Available at Speedo, Fusion, Wertheimer Sport, Holmes Place and other select sports stores.
4. iPad protection.
Kipling’s latest line of bags is ideal for the beach, as it is designed to hold an iPad. The little bag has a main compartment covered in fur to protect the iPad from sand and dirt, a Kipling symbol and a little stuffed monkey that can be used as a keychain. The bag comes in black, turquoise, purple and stripes.

Available at selected stores. Details at (03) 948-6235
5. Keep your cool.
This summer, French company Djeco is marketing hand fans to keep you cool when there is no airconditioning.
The fans are made of bamboo and soft fabric, combining prints in pastel shades and bold hues, in addition to delicate illustrations of birds, cats and flowers.

Available at selected stores. Details at
6. Treasures from the sea.
Mya is a type of seashell, and maris means “from the sea” in Latin. The design for H. Stern’s new Mya Maris collection was inspired by information and impressions collected aboard the Challenger ship by a scientific team that navigated the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in 1873-1876, collecting and cataloguing seashells. The collection includes jewelry in refined shades of pink and gold, and pieces set with cognac diamonds, reminiscent of frothy waves breaking on the shore.
Available at the H. Stern chain.
7. Dive right in.
H&M’s women’s swimwear collection is characterized by prominent colors and a host of prints -- tropical, geometric, paisley and stripes. There are also sporty styles inspired by scuba divers.
The bathing suits are accompanied by a wide array of accessories to help you achieve just the right look.

Available at the H&M chain.