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Guerlain Insolence is a wonderful, somewhat sweet but still refreshing scent, more classy and elegant than its name would suggest.

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insolence perfume 88
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My youngest daughter, obsessed with the Bratz line of dolls (which have eclipsed poor ol' Barbie in recent years) was ready to jump in the shower the moment we received the new Bratz shampoo; never mind it was meant for blond hair, and hers is brown. That fact really didn't make a difference, and the shampoo did the job it's supposed to do. The fragrance is on the sweet side and, as opposed to a lot of children's shampoos, this one doesn't contain the rosemary extracts supposed to ward off head lice (which never worked with my kids). Now I've got to look for more of these pink-and-purple bottles, decorated with Bratz characters, to complete the series. Available are shampoo and conditioner for blond, regular or curly hair ( NIS 19 for 600 ml.), detangling shampoo and conditioner (NIS 20 a bottle), moisturizing hair cream ( NIS 25 for 400 ml.), liquid soap (NIS 18 for 1,000 ml.) and body lotion ( NIS 25 for 400 ml.). Guerlain Insolence is a wonderful, somewhat sweet but still refreshing scent, more classy and elegant than its name would suggest. The spiral-shaped bottle, with the Guerlain logo engraved on the cap, is a real piece of bathroom art, and should be displayed instead of hidden away in a cabinet. A 50-ml. bottle is NIS 397 and 100 ml. is NIS 568. The new Clinique High Definition Lashes is a mascara with a brush on one side and a little comb on the other that can be used to separate lashes. A woman who tried this out wasn't overly enthusiastic about this novelty, judging it complicated to use, and noting that good mascara isn't clumpy anyway, so you shouldn't need the comb. The price of the High Definition Lashes mascara is NIS 125. The new Soft Touch Powder Dip eye-shadows consist of a bottle with loose powder, with an applicator brush inside. Applying this eye-shadow is easy: you shake the bottle a little and enough powder will stick to the brush, after which you can slide it on your eyelids. The Powder Dip eye-shadows are available in champagne, gold, orange, turquoise, light and navy blue, and black; the price is NIS 80. A friend was happy with the Beyond Rejuvenating Day Cream, the Purifying Cleansing Gel, and the Activating Face and Eye Serum, all containing black caviar extracts. These anti-aging products all smelled pleasant and left the skin feeling smooth. The caviar adds moisturizers, plus some minerals and vitamins that are supposedly beneficial for your skin. The Beyond products are available through selected beauticians (call 077-7722222, or go to; prices range from NIS 239 to NIS 332. Now that her brief political career is over, bleached blonde bombshell Pnina Rosenblum is refocusing on her own line of cosmetic products, and has joined forces with the Darlain bed linen company. Pnina's new line of bed linens, Romantic Nights, range from safari prints to seductive white satin sheets. The light green, with black and beige pattern Safari set was received enthusiastically by a couple we know, and the colors withstood a number of washes without fading. The linens are made from 100 percent cotton and don't need to be ironed, which is a nice bonus. Prices for the Darlain-Pnina Rosenblum sets go from NIS 188 for a single bed to NIS 545 for a set of satin sheets for a double bed (but due to sales they are marked down significantly at the moment).