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A colleague who tried the Careline Comfort Glow loose powder wondered if there is really any need to make blush powder anymore.

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A colleague loved the Escada Into the Blue eau de parfum, even though she usually finds perfumes too floral and heavy-handed. The top notes here are flower based, and according to the manufacturer they include peony and Nymphea, but the base notes have a lemony, musky, woody hit which is what won her over. It wears well throughout the day, and has become a favorite of hers. The price for a 30-ml. bottle is NIS 319, 50 ml. is NIS 459, and 75 ml. is NIS 589. The Clarins Crayon Yeux (eye pencil) blends very nicely, according to our test subject, and strikes a good balance between a softness and a firm line that doesn't run. The applicator sponge on the second edge means you can smudge professionally or go for a sharp, well-defined look. She tried this in black, which proved too dominant and gothic, but that's a matter of taste; the eye pencil is also available in khaki. The price for the black Crayon Yeux, with integrated sharpener, is NIS 94. A friend with normal to combination skin was very enthusiastic about the Vichy Normaderm Renovating System kit, an at-home treatment that contains a micro-dermabrasion peeling cream, a soothing unclogging cream and a day-cream containing a sun protection factor of 15. The treatment with the peeling cream, followed by the soothing cream, has to be done once a week, and the kit is good for three weeks. My friend liked the results very much, but had some trouble finding the product when she wanted to get a new supply. Vichy products are available at pharmacies only; the price for the Normaderm Renovating System is NIS 270. Crema has a new line of anti-perspirant deodorants for the summer season, with the names Breeze, Soft, Silk and Fresh. The Soft roll-on I tried smelled very pleasant, without being dominant, and absorbed quickly. A friend tried the Breeze deo-gel and found it very convenient. The roll-on and spray deodorants are NIS 19.90, and the gel and the stick are NIS 24.90. A colleague who tried the Careline Comfort Glow loose powder wondered if there is really any need to make blush powder anymore. The powder went everywhere when she opened it the first time, and the next time and the next. When it was actually applied she had to admit that it had a good texture (it wasn't cakey or dusty) and the color (No. 1 neutral) blended nicely. All the same, why bother with the mess the powder and powder press makes? The price for a 60-ml. jar is NIS 115. Now that the weather is warmer, it's time to give some extra attention to your feet, and to protect them when exposed in open sandals. Emma Green has a very nice foot cream containing mint, which is very refreshing, especially when your feet feel tired after a long, hot day. The cream absorbs easily and leaves your feet feeling soft again; a 100-ml. tube, available at the Emma Green stores, is NIS 42.